Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Animal Hospital Mural (in progress)

So here is my latest mural project. I am going to keep posting my progress on this one step by step so you can see how it all comes together.

Other than a few minor details this mural is now finished. and here it is, along with some close up detail shots.

It's been a couple days since I have had a chance to post an update so I am skipping some days to post the latest. This is not the best photo as the paint that makes up the horse is reflecting light but its the best I got for now. As you can see all the animals are done. I just have a few details to add like the post on the end where the horse is. I am just about done now and hope to be done by Monday.

Progress of day 11: Yes it is finally time to paint animals!

Progress of day 10: Didn't get a whole lot of time today so all I got done was more of the hay on the ground.

Progress of day 9: I heard someone say that they thought the quilt was real. Big time points scored for me!! Another asked how I get it to look 3D. So I am quite pleased with the responses. It is quite rewarding to hear things like that.

Progress of day 8: The quilt is now pretty much complete. I want to try and get more enhanced highlights and shadows on the quilt and the wood. Then onto the animals in the mural scene.

Progress of day 7: Today's work consisted exclusively of the rather tedious task of painting in all those little squares. It had to be done sooner latter. There is more of the tedious stuff to be done tomorrow. Crazy thing is even the tedious stuff I find enjoyable; however I think the funnest thing to paint will be the animals.

Progress of day 6: Got most of the filled in now. I think the company logo of the animal hospital adds a lot.

Progress of Day 5: It was a little more challenging than I expect to get the white color in the circle just right. I first painted a color that was mostly derived from a little primary yellow, and primary red, and a lot of white. It made the circle in the center appear to be glowing. Like a radio active quilt. So I muted it more and finally got what I wanted.

Progress of day 4: This quilt design is intricate and I think it may take me at least another two days of work. But I think the other stuff may go a little quicker.

Progress of day 3: Now it is starting to take on the look of a quilt.

Progress of day 2: I have made some adjustments to compensate for the differnces in the proportions of the wall and my wider concept work. The horse has only his neck and head peeking out. Also The horse's head is over-lapping more here than in the concept.

Wednesday September 26: Today I started painting the wall and here is what I have after my first day.

Here is the concept work for the mural. So this is what I hope to have when I am done. Of coarse there will most likely be some variation form the concept. One challenge I am already facing is the proportions of the wall isn't nearly as wide as my concept illustration is.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brick House Mural

I was hired to do this mural for some lucky grandkids. This brick house play area adds a special touch to grandma's house.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Air Ships Mural

This was my first mural. It's located in a children's play area at a business called Floors by Design in Draper Utah.

This is an image I pieced together as best I could from various photos in hopes of giving rough idea of how it goes together.

The rest are close up fragments of the mural.